About Us

Website: www.outrightlab.com

Launched: Jan, 2020

Specialty: Thorough and unbiased reviews

What do we do?

TechForGamers intends to provide the best and detailed reviews of the products we are targeting. Our reviews are true, honest and based on a sequence of steps. For educating our visitors about the best product we:

  1. Gather information about 20 – 25 most used products.
  2. Research each of these products in detail based on:
    • Specifications
    • User Rating
    • Expert Opinion
    • Effectiveness & Efficiency
    • Usability
    • Affordability (price) in contrast to performance
  3. Compare each of these products based on our research.
  4. Pick the top (5 – 10) products out of them.
  5. Write a well-explained review on each of these products and let our visitors read for free.

The core specialty we provide is the unbiased & detail of our reviews and we stand for it.

Who are we?

We are a team of enthusiastic undergrad students led by Shamsher Zia.  All of us are dedicated to our part of the work and well-aware of the industry we are working in.

The digital age can not compromise on quality and wants the best product out there. We here, are trying our best to fulfill the very same needs. If you are looking for a product which we have covered on our Blog, then it is the best place to choose one among those.

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