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Tablets were launched after smartphones and they become popular soon. The main purpose of it was to offer laptop-like features in a compact size. They delivered phenomenally and became a sweet spot for most people. Since then tablets stormed the market and now they can carry out all sorts of needs perfectly. Here, our main focus is on the best 10 inch tablet which is an accurate size for the majority of the users. This size is neither very small to feel restricted nor very large to compromise on portability.

The tablets included in our list of best 10 inch tablets 2022 are based on performance, budget, and portability. They all perform exceptionally, the budget range is wide so that all users can benefit equally and portability is top class. If the overflow of tablets has made it complicated for you to get the right slate, then your perfect one is waiting for you. More, if budget isn’t an issue for you and wants an ultimate tablet, then go through our list of best tablets. On the other hand, users with a limited budget will find our selection of best tablet under 300 to their liking.

Best 10 inch Tablet 2022

  1. Apple iPad 10.2-inch
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
  3. Apple iPad Air
  4. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro
  5. Microsoft Surface Go
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
  7. Amazon Fire HD 10
  8. Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite
  9. Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  10. Vankyo MatrixPad Z4

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FAQs about the Best 10-inch Tablet

It’s expected to get confused with a considerable number of platforms and the overabundance of tablets. Many questions will arise in your mind but some of the frequently asked questions and their answers are as follows. Hope that it will satisfy your queries.

Which Operating System is Better?

IOS, Android, and Windows are the three well-known operating systems of tablets, and choosing the right one is always tricky. It needs your maximum attention and well awareness of your demands. Some users may want a tablet for gaming and entertainment, others for office while others to carry out daily tasks, hence, it’s vital to go for the right OS. So, if you’re working in an office and want to substitute your desktop with a tablet, then buy a Windows slate. It will give you quick excess to Word files, Microsoft Office, and Excel sheets.

For instance, if you are looking for mobile functionalities on a somewhat larger screen, the best Android 10 inch tablet can work for you. It keeps your entertainment high and gives you a seamless calling experience. In the event, you are mad about drawing, designing, and editing, then look for an iPad.

8-inch Vs 10-inch Tablets: Which Size is Better?

Frankly speaking, this aspect is more dependant on your personal requirement. Both sizes have their own merits and demerits. For example, 8-inch tablets offer maximum portability and are excellent for reading eBooks. However, for some users, the size is not enough for entertainment purposes. On the contrary, the best 10 inch tablet pleasantly sits between a laptop and a smartphone to give a larger display. But, for some users portability is more important than a larger screen.

Which is the Best Cheap Android 10 inch Tablet?

The Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 is the best cheap 10 inch Android tablet and will cost you just over $100. It’s an undisputed ruler in this regard, offers decent features, and comes with an excellent display for the price. However, if you can spend a bit extra, then Samsung Galaxy Tab A is better than it in almost everything. You will get an even better idea after going through our brief reviews of these two cheap 10 inches tablets.

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Best 10 inch Tablet 2022 Reviews

1. Apple iPad 10.2-inch

Apple iPad 10.2-Inch

The latest Apple iPad is the best budget 10 inch tablet that’s capable of more than its price proposes. With respect to design, it appears similar to the older models with a fingerprint sensor and a Home button at the bottom end. Though it’s old-fashioned at this stage, still one can live with it for an affordable price. To connect accessories and charge the device, you will have a Lightning port along with a 3.5mm audio jack. More, there is one other port for connecting the Smart Keyboard. Although Apple’s Smart Keyboard is quite expensive, it’s a good addition to writing.

The 10.2 inches screen of this iPad is exactly half an inch bigger than the model it substitutes. This makes a high-level difference when you run multiple apps simultaneously. The Retina display with 2160 x 1620 resolution is sharp and has tons of detail. It’s colorful and the pictures appear really appealing. The brightness level is acceptable and the contrast is more than fine. Plus, the anti-reflective coating helps in punching out brightness more. In the matter of speakers, they do a perfectly well job as they are loud and have an excellent balance.

The cheapest iPad is driven by the A10 processor which makes everything smooth and faster. Games and intensive apps open quickly and run agreeably. Video editing is also satisfactory and to store your data you will have 32GB of built-in storage. However, if it’s not enough for you, then you can opt for the 128GB version. The battery life is rated for up to 10 hours and it can get much higher for light use. The 1.2MP front and 8Mp rear cameras don’t have fancy features like the expensive iPads, but it works. When it comes to portability, it weighs just about a pound, so you can carry the device around effortlessly.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The Galaxy Tab S6 is Samsung’s best tablet and is as good as Android slates get. Out-performing its predecessor and updates to the DeX mode, it’s a true laptop substitute compared to other models. Portability is appreciable with 0.9 pounds of weight and the overall design is minimalistic. Samsung has used aluminum build material instead of glass which makes it durable and does not shatter easily if dropped. In spite of slim bezels, you get enough room to hold the tablet comfortably. To sign in quickly and conveniently, you got the option of a fingerprint reader as well as face unlock.

The super AMOLED display of the Tab S6 is gorgeous and everything looks crisp on it. The colors are lavish and the excellent brightness level makes the screen readable in a bright sunny condition. It also supports HDR10+ and with 2560 x 1600 resolution, you get every inch of details on the 10.5 inches screen. To top it all, there is the quad-speaker setup tuned by Dolby Atmos and AKG. It delivers supreme audio quality to give music fortitude. Unfortunately, the Tab S6 does not come with a headphone jack which’s disappointing.

The best 10 inch tablet is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU, so it’s not just an entertainment system but can get some work done too. The 6GB of RAM makes multitasking smooth and the 128GB storage space is plentiful. In case, you need more space the Galaxy S6 supports a MicroSD card. Besides, the battery life is marvelous with up to 11 hours of power backup. On the off chance, that you want a 2-in-1 experience then attach the keyboard. However, it’s expensive and not included. On the bright side, the S Pen is included for natural drawing and writing on the tablet.

3. Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air

Apple uses the name Air for its product that’s thinner and lighter than all the models launched earlier. Though it does not fit this definition, Apple actually calls it Air due to the flawless mix of mainstream features and prices. The iPad Air is the best 10 inch tablet 2022 and generally a Pro-level iPad. The screen and power are comparable with its Pro sibling, however at a quite affordable price. It looks similar to most of the iPads with a Home button at the front. The button also serves as a TouchID sensor for secure and convenient unlocking of the device.

The keystone and one of the biggest reasons to choose the iPad Air is the 10.5 inches screen. It’s larger, clear, and sharp with a resolution of 2224 x 1668. The color gamut is wide P3 which makes pictures appear fantastic. Emitting 500 nits, the brightness level of Air’s display is remarkable. Moreover, it comes with TrueTone Technology which adjusts the screen’s color temperature to the room’s ambient lighting. In this way, the screen is great for reading and viewing in all light. The speakers on the other hand are fine, just not as great as the display. Still, the audio quality is decent and the 3.5mm audio jack makes things even agreeable.

What makes it a do-anything device for most of the users is the A12 Bionic processor. It’s powerful and gives enough horsepower for drawing, video editing, gaming and running the most demanding apps. One other good news is that the iPad Air supports Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard to boost your productivity. To store your valuable data, it comes with an enormous 256GB built-in storage space. What’s more, the slim and light tablet weighs just 1 pound and offers a battery life of up to 10 hours. So, productivity on the go is equally admirable with the light design and longer battery backup.

4. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

The Yoga Tab 3 Pro is a complete entertainment system with a nice projector and long battery backup. Many great tablets provide an outstanding media viewing experience but they fail when you need to share a presentation with your clients or want a cinema experience at your home. Happily, not in the case of Yoga Tab 3 which’s a premium product with aluminum and metal construction. To the back is a soft leather panel for comfortable holding and the bottom edge has a cylindrical spine that’s home to the projector, battery, and kickstand. To the top is a micro-USB port, a headphone jack is at the bottom and the MicroSD slot is located under the hinge.

The 10.1 inches screen of Tab 3 Pro is superb for media consumption. Resolutions are 2560 x 1600 and the panel surprisingly emits 439 nits of brightness. Delivering 99 percent of sRGB color gamut, the pictures look cheerful and lively. If you want more, turn on the built-in projector which can produce up to 70 inches of image. Though you can’t replace a dedicated projector with it, still it’s an excellent addition on the go, provided that you are in a dark environment. Likewise, the audio quality is incredible with the four speakers. The sound is loud, the vocals are clear, and in turn, you get truly satisfying audio quality.

The Yoga Tab 3 isn’t just for entertainment but it can also carry out your work demands efficiently. With the Intel Atom x5-Z8550 CPU, 4GB memory, and 64GB storage capacity, the best 10 inch tablet offers enough power that most users need. Despite the longer battery endurance of more than 10 hours, some users won’t much appreciate the portability with a hefty 1.5 pounds of weight and 9.72 x 7.05 x 0.36 inches dimensions. On the plus side, the autofocus 13MP back and 5MP selfie cameras will please you with the results.

5. Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go

The Windows-powered 2-in-1 tablets are best for productivity and the Surface Go is nearly perfect in this area. It’s a budget tablet and a mini laptop in one device and more productive than you think. When talking about a budget Windows machine, no one is expecting sturdy build quality, fortunately, that’s what you get exactly with the Surface Go. The magnesium and silver case gives it a premium feel compared to the competitors in this price range. On the rear, you can find the same neat kickstand as on more expensive Surface tablets for convenient switching between various modes.

The Surface Go comes with a 10 inches PixelSense display which gives plenty of blasts. Pictures look detailed on the 1800 x 1200 display and the panel registers 415 nits of brightness which’s miles above the 245 nits average of a budget tablet. In color reproduction, it’s even better than the Apple tablets as Surface Go can cover 129 percent of the sRGB color gamut as compared with the 119 percent for iPads. In a similar manner, the audio quality is acceptable for the size and price despite a bit of harsh sound at maximum volume.

The best 10 inch Windows tablet rocks on an Intel Pentium Gold processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB storage drive to handle typical workload marvelously. To make it even productive, attach the optional backlit keyboard which comes with a built-in touchpad. However, it will cost you over $100 and if you want the Surface Pen too, then you have to spend around $99 on that as well. The slate measures 0.33-inch thin and have a weight of just 1.15 pounds, also it can last for over 8 hours, hence portability is top-notch. In addition, ports for secondary connections are decent for a tablet this slim as you will have a USB-C, a headphone jack, and a microSD card reader.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Android tablets and productivity don’t go parallel except for Samsung’s tablets. The Galaxy Tab S4 is excellent work-minded and one of the best Android tablets up till now. It’s powerful and the DeX mode gives you a desktop experience. But to full the experience, you will need to attach an accessory keyboard. However, the keyboard is sold separately and it’s expensive. A volume rocker, power button, and microSD card slot are located on the right side when holding the device in portrait position. A USB-C charging port and a 3.5mm audio jack are at the bottom.

The Samsung Tab S4 is outfitted with a 10.5 inches AMOLED display which offers a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Samsung’s AMOLED screens are known for brilliant colors and this one is extremely sharp too with 287ppi. Viewing angles are just great and the display gets plenty bright for easy outdoor viewing. More, the S Pen is included for note-taking, drawing, and sketching on the screen. The best 10 inch tablet features a quad-speaker setup and a pair of drivers on each side for impressive audio quality. Sound is loud enough to fill a large room and sweet enough to make your movie and gaming session pleasant.

The Galaxy Tab S4 sports a 2.35GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU. Accompanied by the 4GB of RAM, you get enough power for photo and video editing and multitasking. To store your precious data, it offers a sufficient storage capacity of 64GB. If you aren’t happy with 64GB storage, then you got two options, either opt for the 256GB version or expand it with a microSD card to up to 400GB. Besides, the slim profile with the dimensions of 9.8 x 6.5 x 0.3 inches, light weight of just 1.06 pounds, and long battery backup of up to 9 hours make it a decent traveling device.

7. Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire HD 10

With the Fire HD 10, Amazon has finally made a tablet that can stand up for itself at the present time market. It’s cheap and the best part is the Alexa compatibility. Don’t expect metallic casing at this price, still, the matte-plastic casing gives it a solid feel and makes the slate durable. The profile is pretty standard as it weighs 1.1 pounds and measures 0.4 inches thin. Also, with this device, Amazon got rid of micro-USB port and you will see a modern USB-C port. It’s small in texture, but it’s one of the biggest positive changes in the Fire line.

The 10.1 inches screen with 1900 x 1200 is far better than the 1280 x 800 screen. This resolution works perfectly well for 224ppi and gives a real show of 1080p video with great viewing angles. The HD 10 produces 106 percent of the sRGB color gamut and the panel emits a solid 403 nits of brightness. Overall, the display is much better than one can expect from a sub $150 tablet. However, the sound quality is not as better as it looks. The speakers are pretty loud to fill a medium-size room but with unacceptable bass and distant vocals, the audio isn’t quite sweet.

Armed with a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM, the best 10-inch tablet under 200 delivers a respectable budget tablet performance. The built-in 32GB storage space is acceptable for the price, anyway, if it’s not sufficient for you, it can be expanded with a microSD card to 512GB. In terms of battery life, the Fire HD 10 is simply the best since it can last for over 11 hours. That being said, the 2MP back and 720p front cameras do not capture agreeable pictures in any condition.

8. Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

The MediaPad M5 Lite is a kid-friendly slate that’s long-lasting and reasonably priced. Speaking of the tablets for kids, most parents prefer Amazon’s Fire line and the iPad mini. But this Huawei tablet is a persuasive slate that offers a fingerprint login to you and your kids. At 9.6 x 6.4 x 0.3 inches dimensions and 1.05 pounds of weight, the M5 is quite travel-friendly. A USB-C and headphone jack is positioned at the bottom left corner, while a microSD slot sits on the left side of the device.

The 10.1 inches display of the best 10-inch tablet for kids is colorful, detailed, and sufficiently bright. It offers a resolution of 1900 x 1200 and reproduces 114 percent of the sRGB color gamut. The brightness level is plentiful with 427 nits which’s a mile above the 398 category average. The M5’s touchscreen is responsive and to make your kids creative, Huawei has included an M-Pen Lite stylus. It’s a well-Considered accessory because kids can draw and sketch conveniently on the tablet.

Since M5 is designed for kids, so don’t expect a very demanding processing power. Still, an octa-core Kirin 659 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage space can accomplish the lower demands of your kids effectively. The best part of the Huawei M5 is the long battery endurance of over 13 hours. It’s the longest battery backup in our list and 3 hours above the 9:50 category. In terms of audio quality, it comes with a quad-speaker setup tuned by Harmon Kardon. The sound is rich, plenty loud and the bass is adequate.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

The Samsung Tab A is an exciting budget tablet that’s way cheaper than the cheapest iPad. The screen is sharp and the cameras are better. The only issue is power as its graphics chip is relatively weak. So, a gaming fan should rather opt for an iPad. Apart from this, the Galaxy Tab A is the best value for your money. Design is comparable with expensive models and the body is metallic, due to which it does feel fancy. Keeping today’s needs in mind, Samsung has trimmed screen borders and given the tablet a smaller footprint.

The Galaxy Tab A’s 10.1 inches screen features 1920 x 1200 resolution. This resolution is fairly high for a 10-inch screen to display sharp pictures. The panel is plenty bright to make it usable outdoor and the IPS technology provides stable and wider viewing angles. However, the speaker is the part where Samsung has squeezed the price. A pair of speakers is arranged at the bottom which delivers acceptable audio according to the price, but you won’t get the vital stereo effect. Luckily, the 3.5mm audio jack at the top makes up for that.

The internals of the best 10-inch tablet 2022 include a 1.6GHz Exynos 7870 octa-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB storage drive. Though not very powerful, this team is more than capable to perform your daily tasks and run casual games efficiently. More, the smaller profile, the lightweight of just about a pound, and the longer battery backup of over 11 hours make Galaxy Tab A a perfect choice for traveling. Correspondingly, the 8MP rear and 2MP front cameras take good pictures and videos then you are used to at this price.

10. Vankyo MatrixPad Z4

Vankyo MatrixPad Z4

Established recently, Vankyo is becoming one of the leading brands with its cheap and innovative slates. The MatrixPad Z4 is another device by Vankyo that become popular soon after hitting the market. It’s easy to use, run by the latest OS and above all, it’s one of the cheapest Android tablets. Borders around the screen are a bit thicker but the overall design is all right. Don’t look for a modern USB-C charging port, instead, you will have a micro USB port at the top edge. Alongside this, you will see a microSD card slot and a headphone jack.

The Z4’s 10.1 inches screen with 1280 x 800 resolution is sharper and brighter. Picture quality is cherishable and the panel gives you a wider and admirable 178 degrees viewing angle. Above that, the Eye Health mode filters blue light and automatically adjusts the backlight to minimize eye strain. So, movies, kid shows, and gaming are truly enjoyable on the HD screen of the MediaPad Z4. The dual speakers are positioned on the back of the tablet which means that they are firing away from you. Audio quality is satisfactory, but if front-facing speakers were included, it would be even better.

Vankyo has equipped MatrixPad Z4 with a 64 bit quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of built-in storage. It makes the best cheap 10 inch tablet powerful enough to fulfill your routine tasks readily. Web surfing is smooth and you can play less demanding games seamlessly. However, over 7 hours of battery life for a low-resolution screen isn’t much appreciable. Also, it does not come with a fast-charging feature, and recharging the battery fully takes up to 3 hours. Still, just about a pound weight and the cheap price tag makes Vankyo Z4 worthy enough to spend on.

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Choosing the Best 10 inch Tablet in 2022

Some of the other important factors to look for in a 10-inch tablet apart from screen size are as follows.

Resolution & Brightness

Just like the size, display resolution, and brightness level is equally important. Make sure that you get at least an FHD display if you want to truly enjoy your media. For editing and designing look for an even greater resolution so that you don’t miss any details. Also, keep in mind that the tablet you buy should have a sufficiently bright screen for satisfactory outdoor viewing.

Powerful Internals

If you want smooth operations and seamless multitasking, then the internals should be powerful. The first thing that requires your attention is the processor. It should be dual-core, more is always better and the speed should be 1.5GHz. Then comes the memory, 2GB is essential and 4GB or 6GB gives you additional pleasure when running multiple programs simultaneously. The storage capacity depends on your usage. For some users, 16GB is enough while others prefer 64GB. Anyway, most of the tablets come with a storage space ranging from 16GB to 128GB, so the choice is all yours.

With or Without Keyboard

Again, it depends on your usage type and plays an important role in choosing a perfect slate. If you want a truly desktop substitute device, then look for a tablet with a keyboard. You can manage your documents and excel sheets easily, in fact, it will improve your overall productivity phenomenally. On the other side, if you are buying a tablet just for entertainment, web surfing, and photography, then you won’t need a keyboard.

Battery Life

We all know that tablets are battery-operated, so one can’t ignore this factor. Although it’s more related to your usage, yet a longer battery backup is always appreciable. To make it simple for you, look for the best 10-inch tablet with at least 8 or 10 hours of battery life. In this way, you can continue your productivity or gaming for a longer duration without looking for a charging outlet every time.

Budget Range

It’s the most crucial part and if someone says that it is the king of all tips and tricks then it won’t be wrong. If you are a traveler and fond of exploring different places then you would need a high-end tablet with the best cameras. Similarly, for drawing and video editing tablets, you should keep your budget high because cheap tablets won’t satisfy your needs. In case, you want a tablet for office use and light multitasking, then a mid-range budget tablet can work for you. For movies and day-to-day tasks, the best cheap 10 inch tablet is more than enough.

A list of the best 10 inch tablets in 2022 and the vital buying tips are available on this page. We hope that this will make your hunt for a new tablet quite easy. At this stage, you might have already found a perfect device for yourself, still, if you have any reservations, we welcome you in the comment section. Also, keep visiting to get updates about the upcoming 10-inch tablets.

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