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Best Gaming Tablet 2022 – Top 10 Gaming Slates

With regard to mobile gaming, surely the best gaming tablet is the right contender to get an exceptional gaming experience. Though gaming phones are more and more portable, the robust performance, larger display, and longer battery life of tablets are unbeatable. So, if you want to play your preferred title the way it is meant to be, investing in an appropriate gaming tablet would be the best alternative. But finding a suitable tablet for yourself is the most tricky part.

There is a lot to choose from, from Apple to Samsung, and each tablet has some unique features. More models release every month and some tablets are almost identical that won’t do any good. So, it’s difficult to decide which’s for you and which isn’t. Fortunately, our 10 best gaming tablets in 2022 can carry out all your gaming needs. Some of them are expensive while others are affordable, plus we have focused on those features that can make your gameplay truly enjoyable.

Best Gaming Tablet 2022

  1. Apple iPad Pro 12.9″
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
  3. Amazon Fire HD 10
  4. Microsoft Surface Book 3
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
  6. Apple iPad Pro 11″
  7. Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  8. Apple iPad Mini
  9. Lenovo Smart Tab P10
  10. Dragon Touch Max10

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How to Choose the Best Gaming Tablet? Buyer’s Guide

Most users think that tablet is merely a display, but there are many other things that need consideration to find an ideal slate. A powerful processor, good GPU, excellent design, and immersive audio can make a real difference when playing games on tablets. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Graphics Card

Usually, gaming laptops and PCs mostly depend on the GPU to give you amazing graphics, but in tablets, the graphics card options are entirely different. However, you should know that an integrated graphics card can’t give you high-quality graphics as a dedicated one. Still, they can play plenty of games acceptably that are not graphics intensive. As a matter of fact, games that are designed for mobile aren’t graphics intensive, so even the best cheap gaming tablet can play them excellently.


Only a couple of modern games like Final Fantasy VX and Assasin Creed Origins utilize processors. Generally, it’s more important for other heavy-duty tasks like drawing, editing, and multitasking. But that does not mean that you should ignore the processor while purchasing a gaming tablet. In fact, a powerful processor is always appreciable no matter what your use is.

RAM & Storage

Both RAM and storage drive improve the responses of your tablet. More RAM is actually preferred for multitasking, but for a good gaming table, it should not be less than 4GB. The storage drive is however really important for gaming tablets because the more space you have, the more games you can install. Usually, up to 4GB of space is utilized by the operating system, so 32GB of storage space is the minimum requirement for a gaming tablet.


The display is the thing that decides how your game looks, so you should not make any compromise when it comes to the display of your tablet. There are two factors on the basis of which you can decide which display is for you.

Resolutions play a key role in making the pictures appear great on the screen. It’s measured in pixels and the higher resolution your display offers the better picture quality you get. For the best gaming tablet, the screen resolution should be 1080p or close to it. One other thing that you need to keep in mind along with resolution is the screen brightness. Make sure that the screen of your tablet is significantly bright for comfortable outdoor viewing.

Screen Size
Screen size has nothing to do with your picture quality, so you should not confuse it with resolution. It’s a matter of personal preference however portability of your tablet does depend on it. So, you should look for such a tablet that does not come with a very small screen, at the same time, it should not weigh too heavy.

Battery Life

Battery life varies depending upon the tablet as well as your use. But as a rule of thumb, your device should last over 10 hours for normal use. In the case of gaming, since demanding games drains your battery rapidly so you should not decide on the basis of that. Some users use their device while it’s plugged in, make sure that you don’t do this because it will overheat your device and in return, the overall lifespan will reduce.

Audio Quality

Whether it’s a laptop or tablet, the audio quality of built-in speakers isn’t on the gamers’ plate. Even with the latest technology like Dolby Atmos and other improvements, the audio doesn’t get as immersive as gamers want. So, it will be wise to use proper gaming headphones when playing games on your tablet.

Input & SIM Card Slot

For most mobile games, the touchscreen is more than enough. But if you want a laptop or PC gaming experience on your tablet, make sure that your tablet comes with the required ports for mice and keyboard. Gamers always prefer more ports, but as tablets don’t offer a wide range of ports as a PC or laptop, at least it should sport the crucial ports like USB and headphone jack.

Going towards the SIM card slot, tablets with SIM card slots would be a decent choice for gamers. Because if you go to a place where WiFi service isn’t available, you can bring into action your cellular data to play online games without a hitch.

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Best Gaming Tablet 2022 Reviews

1. Apple iPad Pro 12.9″

Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Thanks to the trackpad support, the iPad Pro has almost become a true laptop replacement tablet. With the exception of the camera module at the backside, the design of this aluminum tablet is identical to the older iPad Pro. The camera module features a lidar scanner and two lenses into a square casing. Going towards the front of the slate, happily, the best gaming tablet does not come with a physical home button to increase the screen-to-body ratio. The right side of the slate sports a magnetic strip to hold and charge the Apple pencil. You can see a pair of speakers at both the top and bottom edge and the bottom edge also holds a USB-C port. At 1.4 pounds weight and 0.2 inches thickness, the latest iPad Pro is indeed thin and lighter compared to other tablets.

The 12.9 inches display of the iPad Pro is stunningly bright and exceptionally colorful. It emits 559 nits of brightness and produces 123 percent of the sRGB color gamut. With such a bright display, you can play games outside on a bright sunny day without any problem and the amount of detail that it captures is just remarkable. The quad speakers are just loud and pleasing, and the audio quality is far better than most gaming laptops. As for gaming performance, the A12Z Bionic processor adds up one more graphics core for superb gameplay. For installing multiple games, you will have a 128GB storage space. More the iPad Pro can last over 10 hours which’s an excellent battery backup.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

In Android tablets, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is unrivaled, and there isn’t any tablet that can match it. At the same time, it’s a true competitor of the all-time best slate, the Apple iPad Pro. The design of Tab S7 Plus is no doubt the most premium and the portability is top-notch. At 1.3 pounds weight and 0.2 inches thickness, it’s even lighter than the 12.9 inches iPad Pro. The fingerprint reader is embedded in the display and extending beneath the camera module is a magnetic stylus holder. Fortunately, the stylus is included, so you won’t need to spend extra to get it. In terms of ports, you only get a USB 3.2 Type-C charging port.

The best part of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is the peerless 12.4 inches display. The Super AMOLED screen of the best Android Gaming tablet 2022 is just spectacular. It’s abundantly detailed with 2800 x 1752 resolution, extremely fast with a 120Hz refresh rate, and covering 210 percent of the sRGB gamut is unbelievable. Not to mention, the 499 nits of screen brightness is another delight. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor,
and accompanied by 8GB of RAM, and 256GB storage space, this gaming beast won’t slow down. On top of everything else, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus lasts up to 9 hours.

3. Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire HD 10

If you are looking for a cheap gaming tablet, you can’t find something better than the Amazon Fire HD 10. However, you should not expect a premium feel from it as most part of the design is plastic. But the plastic build material is acceptable at this price, meanwhile, it makes the tablet even lighter. Speaking of which, the Fire HD 10 weighs about a pound and measures 0.4 inches thin. The lightweight and slim dimensions make it one of the most portable gaming tablets. Comparing its design with the older models, you won’t see much change except that this latest model features a USB-C port which’s indeed praiseworthy.

Amazon Fire HD 10, the best gaming tablet under $200 sports 10.1 inches screen with a 1920 x 1200 resolution. It’s much better compared to the average 1280 x 1200 resolutions of most cheap tablets as the display gives a real 1080p experience with excellent viewing angles. The dual built-in speakers are loud, but if you want even immersive audio you can connect external headphones, thanks to the 3.5mm audio jack. Moreover, HD 10 runs on the 2.0GHz octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and offers 32GB storage space. For many gamers, 32GB space may not be enough so they can opt for the 64GB version or use a microSD card. Nevertheless, the Fire HD 10 can keep you entertained for a long time with up to 11 hours of battery life.

4. Microsoft Surface Book 3

Microsoft Surface Book 3

Are you looking for a laptop and tablet with a dedicated GPU in a single unit? In that case, the Surface Book 3 would be the best answer because it’s attractive, powerful, and features a stunning display. What else a gamer want? But keep in mind that Surface Book 3 isn’t cheap, it will cost you handsomely. However, if the expensive price tag isn’t your concern, Book 3 is just remarkable not only for gaming but productivity as well. The design is simple, classy, and feels quite premium. And unlike other tablets, this 2-in-1 device offers an excellent set of ports including a USB-C, two USB-A, an audio jack, and two Surface Connect Ports.

The 13.5 inches PixelSense display of Surface Book 3 offers 3000 x 2000 resolutions which makes it plenty detailed. Just the same, it’s fantastically colorful and enormously bright. Whereas the balanced and ear-pleasing sound of the dual speakers makes your gaming experience even immersive. The best Windows gaming tablet 2022 rocks on an Intel Core i7 CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti Max-Q GPU, 32GB memory, and 1TB SSD. Surely, such solid internals allows you to play demanding games quite smoothly. On top of that, over 11 hours of battery backup for a 3.4 pounds and 0.6 inches gaming tablet is mind-blowing.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The Galaxy Tab S6 from Samsung is a wonderful Android tablet that can do everything from gaming to editing. It’s expensive, but it is much cheaper compared to the iPad Pro though. The design is all metal and the tablet does look slim. Measuring 0.2 inches thin and weighing 0.9 pounds, the Tab S6 is pretty thin and very easy to carry. The standout feature of this tablet is the inclusion of an S pen which’s much improved compared to the traditional stylus. The keyboard cover is however sold separately in two pieces (keyboard and the kickstand). There’s a USB-C port, unfortunately, the headphone jack is missing which’s very disappointing.

The overall design of the Tab S6 is pretty attractive, just like that the display won’t underrate things, in fact, it’s pretty impressive. The 10.5 inches Super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1600 x 2560 is definitely beautiful and the lively colors truly lift your gaming experience. Outfitted with the quad AKG tuned speakers, the Galaxy Tab S6 delivers excellent audio quality, still, we wish that it comes with a headphone jack. Gladly, the best Android gaming tablet has a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU, 6GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD for smooth graphics-intensive gaming. Whereas up to 11 hours of battery backup of the Galaxy Tab S6 is astonishing.

6. Apple iPad Pro 11″

Apple iPad Pro 11

The 11 inches iPad Pro from Apple delivers laptop-like performance but unlike laptops, you have to buy the Smart Keyboard (a pretty expensive accessory) separately. The aluminum frame and very thin bezels not just make it look good but feels quite tremendous to hold as well. Weighing just 1 pound and measuring 0.2 inches thick, the 11″ iPad Pro goes everywhere with great ease. Sadly, there isn’t any headphone jack, so you have to rely wholly on a single USB-C charging port. On the bright side, the tablet does come with a facial recognition feature for secure and quick authentication.

As for the display, the 11 inches screen is so sharp that you can see every inch of detail. Though it’s not an OLED panel like the Galaxy tablets, yet the sharpness and vibrance are comparable. The panel offers 2388 x 1688 resolutions and the brightness level is exceptional. With 572 nits, playing games outdoor won’t be a problem at all. Furthermore, this iPad Pro is equipped with an A12Z Bionic processor and 128GB storage space for lag-free gameplay. To make gaming even joyous, the quad-speakers of the best gaming tablet generate clear, loud, and lovely sound. While the iPad Pro 11’s over 13 hours of battery life is marvelous.

7. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Surface Pro 7 by Microsoft is another 2-in-1 gaming tablet that gives a fast overall performance. But to make it a true convertible gaming tablet, you have to pay extra for the Surace Pro Type Cover. Similarly, the S pen is also sold separately, anyway, gamers don’t need that instead they should buy a good gaming mouse. Microsoft Surface Pro 7’s design is premium with an all-metal chassis and the kickstand allows for easy transformation between laptop and studio mode. As for secondary connectivity, you get decent ports including a USB-C and a USB 3.1 Type-A on the right edge. A headphone jack is on the left edge and a microSD card reader is behind the kickstand.

The 12.3 inches PixelSense display of the Surface Pro 7 offers 2736 x 1824 resolutions for excellent picture quality. The panel of the best Windows gaming tablet isn’t only vivid and sharp but it also emits 395 nits of brightness. Gladly, the screen is quite responsive, so if you don’t want to buy the Type Cover keyboard, don’t buy it. The audio quality of the built-in front-firing speakers is loud, but it won’t satisfy gamers, luckily you can connect external headphones. Besides, Surface Pro 7 is outfitted with a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB memory, and 128GB SSD for solid gaming performance. Over and above that, the 1.7 pounds and 0.3 inches thin Surface Pro 7 can last up to 8 hours.

8. Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

Apple’s iPad Mini is the best performing smaller tablet that you can get at a quite cheap price. It does support the Apple Pencil but the design is old-fashioned. And the first thing that you will notice is the larger bezels around the screen. Similarly, the iPad mini uses the traditional lightning port for charging instead of the modern USB-C port. The welcome news is that this best gaming tablet 2022 is extremely portable, weighing just 0.7 pounds. At the same time, it’s really small to hold in one hand comfortably. Plus, the touch id button allows for quick and reliable sign-in into the tablet.

Finding a lovely display in smaller tablets is quite hard, but the 7.9 inches display of the iPad mini is exceptional. The screen is vivid, sharp, and supremely colorful. Speaking of which, the panel covers 135% of the sRGB color gamut and emits 490 nits of brightness, isn’t it astonishing for such a small tablet? Let’s go towards the performance, run by the A12 Bionic processor with Neural Engine, this mini tablet from Apple is certainly the most robust smaller gaming tablet. More, depending on your need and budget, you can get either 64GB or 256GB of storage space. Regarding battery life, the iPad mini is simply the best with over 10 hours of endurance.

9. Lenovo Smart Tab P10

Lenovo Smart Tab P10

Lenovo Smart Tab, as the name suggests that P10 is Alexa-powered. A speaker dock is included with the tablet that turns it into a smart display. Meanwhile, when P10 is docked, it gets charged as well. Most users don’t expect premium design from the best budget Android gaming tablet, but the metallic and glass design of the Lenovo P10 is indeed premium. However, you should be careful when holding P10 because the glass makes it a bit slippery. Moreover, you can see a fingerprint reader at the bottom edge and there is a 3.5mm audio jack if you want to connect external headphones.

The display of this cheap gaming tablet isn’t as sensational as the iPad mini, yet it’s admirable for the price. The 10.1 inches screen offers 1920 x 1200 resolutions to deliver agreeable picture quality. The colors are punchy and the viewing angle is acceptable with the IPS panel. Likewise, the audio quality of the quad speakers isn’t very great, but acceptable. However, you should not expect to play demanding games on this cheap tablet since the internals isn’t very powerful. But you can play less demanding games smoothly as Lenovo Tab P10 comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB storage space. Fortunately, battery life is excellent lasting up to 13 hours.

10. Dragon Touch Max10

Dragon Touch Max10

Dragon Touch is well known for making cheap yet notable tablets. Max10, the latest model from Dragon Touch is a wonderful budget gaming tablet that can easily impress you. The build material is mostly plastic, but the back panel is made up of aluminum which’s a decent addition. Looking at the weight and dimensions, the Max10 weighs 1.2 pounds and measures 9.45 x 6.57 x 0.34 inches. Both the weight and dimensions are agreeable for carrying the tablet anywhere you want. Besides, the Dragon Touch Max10 comes with a USB Type-C charging port, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a microSD card slot.

Bezels around the display are somewhat thicker but the 10.1 inches display with 1920 x 1200 resolution is creditable. color production is sufficient and pictures appear significantly vibrant when viewing indoor. However, outdoor viewing isn’t good because the screen is somehow dimmer. Cheerfully, the Max10 is powered by an ARM Cortex-A55 octa-core processor that should get the job done when playing games like PUBG. Accompanied by a 2GB memory and 32GB storage space, the best cheap tablet for PUBG gives you stutter-free gameplay. But up to 6 hours of battery backup isn’t big-time for a tablet.

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That’s all about the best gaming tablets. We hope that you get what you have come for and we are certain that by now you have already chosen a perfect gaming slate for yourself. Anyway, if you still have any doubts in your mind even the minute, you are welcome to reach us. On top of that, as every day a new model comes out, we shall be updating our list accordingly, so to stay updated keep visiting.

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