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Best Hair Dryer 2022 – 10 Best Blow Dryers

Everyone wants gorgeous and awesome hair but who can go to a salon on daily basis in today’s hustle and bustle. In fact, you would want something that gives a salon-level hairstyle at home. Certainly, the first thing that will click your mind is the best hair dryer. Since it can straighten hair, locks the curls, and can do anything that you want. However, you need to have the right tool to get the perfect look in the comfort of your own home.

As many users wonder which is the best hair dryer for their hair type, therefore, we have compiled a list of top blow dryers money can buy in 2022. Whether you blow-dry daily, use your dryer to straighten hair, or want to dry your curly hair, they won’t disappoint you. Plus, they come with various attachments which are effective for different hair types and textures. Not only this, but we have also included dryers from all budget range so that users of all budget can benefit equally.

Best Hair Dryer 2022

  1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
  2. Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer
  3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer
  4. T3 Micro Luxe 2I Dryer
  5. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer
  6. FHI Heat Platform Nano Weight Pro
  7. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer
  8. Sam Villa Professional Light Dryer
  9. BIO IONIC Goldpro Dryer
  10. TREZORO Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

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Different Types of Hair Dryer

Before starting the hunt for a new dryer, it’s important that you know the different types so that you can choose according to your hair type. These types are based on the heating materials equipped in the dryers.

Ionic Hair Dryer

You may know that the ions in water are positively charged. In order to tackle them the best ionic hair dryer spray negative ions which in turn speed up the drying process. So, the use of scientifically designed ionic dryers removes moisture, closes the hair shell, and reduces undesired curl. These dryers are ideal for users with thick and curly hair. However, we don’t recommend ionic dryers for users with thin and flat hair. Though they reduce the drying time for voluminous hair, on the other hand, they can over-dry if your hair is thin. In this case, your hair will look flat, lusterless, and dull.

Ceramic & Porcelain Hair Dryer

Hair dryers labeled as ceramic and porcelain means that their heating parts are coated with these materials. The advantage of ceramic and porcelain coating is that they make the heat consistent and comparatively gentle. Just like the ionic dryers, these dryers speed up the drying process. However, unlike them, the ceramic and porcelain dryers are perfect for fine hair that has been harmed by rough dryers previously.

Titanium Hair Dryer

Hair dryers with titanium heating material not only improve heat distribution and temperature uniformity but drying time as well. Being lightweight, although titanium material makes the best lightweight hair dryer, on the contrary, it increases the temperature of the airflow. Users with strong and thick hair would love the additional heat but individuals with delicate hair won’t much appreciate this type of dryer.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline dryers work on the same principle as ionic dryers that are the use of negative ions to dry hair efficiently. Anyhow, they are one step ahead with the tourmaline heating material since it adds extra negatively charged ions to the airflow. So, if your hair is damaged or fine we don’t recommend it. In contrast, titanium dryers would be an ideal choice for People with extremely thick and lots of hair.

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Best Hair Dryer 2022 Reviews

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic is a good-looking tool and dries hair without any damage. Though a bit expensive but it increases smoothness, shine and decreases frizz phenomenally. Before it, hair dryers were boring but when Dyson Supersonic hit the market, it changes everything. After all, the manufacturer has invested 71 million dollars and worked with over 100 engineers while making this top-class dryer.

The design of the best hair dryer is unique as it weighs less than a pound and the small, tiny motor is fitted in the handle. Unlike other dryers sporting a motor at the end of the head, it’s more balanced and your arm won’t burn when drying hair. The buttons for heat setting and speed setting sit on the back of the head. While the handle holds a cool blast and a power button. Above that, the 2.8m long cord is generous and admirable.

Powered by the brushless digital Dyson V9 motor, it’s six-time faster than any other dryer out there. Accompanied by the Air Multiplier technology that amplifies airflow, and together the two give you the fastest drying experience. The best part of Dyson Supersonic is that it dries hair without using extreme heat. It comes with an intelligent heat control that measures air temperature 40 times per second and thus saves your hair from damage due to extreme temperature.

With the three-speed setting and four precise heat settings, Dyson Supersonic is certainly the best hair dryer in 2022. In the box, you will find two concentrators and a diffuser which attach magnetically to the head. Along with this, you will have a non-slip mat and a storage hanger. Although it works well for all hair types, we recommend it for users with curly and wavy hair. If your hair is thin, smooth, and short then an affordable blow dryer would be a more wise choice.

2. Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900 is the best professional hair dryer and works exceptionally well for all hair types, particularly thick and coarse hair. Made in Italy, it features both ionic and ceramic technology rather than just one. This means that the dryer not only dries your hair but also adds moisture to keep them healthy. Plus, the technology is very helpful in fast-drying and frizz reduction.

Available in a variety of colors that are metallic red, white, black, black, and gold, and black and silver, you can choose your favorite one. Weighing just 1 pound, the Elchim 3900 is well-balanced and feels nice in the hands. The sides feature rubber for a secure grip and the dryer does not slide around. Whereas the 9-feet long cable allows you to move freely when your device is plugged in.

Featuring a powerful motor with 2400 wattage, this blow dryer can dry thick and difficult to dry hair faster. Alongside this, the temperature range is safe and agreeable for both thick and thin hair. However, users with thin hair should use it in low settings because the high settings would be too much for them. Happily, it comes with 2 speeds and three heat settings, so you can adjust the dryer according to your needs.

With Elchim 3900 you will also find two concentrators, one with a wide mouth and the other with a narrow. These extras snap to the head, allow you to focus on a specific section of your hair, and can be detached easily. On the downside, users with curly hair will miss a diffuser which is a useful attachment for them. On the bright side, the Elchim 3900 has a reasonable price tag, so you can buy the diffuser separately.

3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

Like many other brands, Babyliss is one of the top hair dryers manufacturers. Beginning a humble start, now this brand is recognized all over the globe. With more than 50 years, the company has a diverse selection of hair dryers. The main focus of Babyliss is to launch newer and better products so that the customers get a supreme result. You will get an even better idea about the quality of its products by going through the review of this best-rated hair dryer.

The BNT6610 nano titanium dryer by Babyliss not just looks nice but feels good too. The handle is comfortable to hold and with just over 1 pound weight, it won’t ache your arm while holding overhead. The speed and heat-setting buttons sit on the side of the handle. With the nice and long cord even if your mirror is away from the electric switchboard, you can dry hair worry-free. Besides, the dryer features stainless steel rear removable filter for easy maintenance and long-lasting life.

Powered by the 2000W Italian motor, the BaBylissPRO dryer provides safe and fast drying. With the nano titanium technology heat is distributed evenly and thus gives you a consistent result. Whereas ionic technology puts an end to static electricity and makes your hair even bright and shiny. In addition, the six heat and speed settings make it an ideal choice for all hair types.

The extra attachments that you will find with this blow dryer are two concentrator nozzles. So, it isn’t just powerful but versatile as well. Many users think that BaBylissPro is expensive but getting all this by just spending around 130 dollars is a fair deal. Hence, if you want the best hair dryer 2022 that’s safe, powerful, and won’t destroy your wallet completely, the BNT6610 titanium dryer is unbeatable.

4. T3 Micro Luxe 2I Dryer

T3 Micro Luxe 2I Dryer

T3 Featherweight is an ionic tourmaline dryer and a pretty modern piece of hair kit. Although It’s not a cheap option, certainly it’s innovative and will change the way you handle your hair. Being fast and light, T3 Luxe 2I really stands out in the crowd. What you will absolutely love about the best hair dryer is the way your hair looks after using it. Even after the first use, your hair looks healthy, shiny, and bold.

With just 1 pound of weight, it’s super-light and you can use it comfortably. The handle is well-designed and you won’t feel any hand strain while holding it for some time. The heat and speed setting buttons are conveniently positioned on the handle. Above them is a cool shot button which is an additional pleasure. When your hair is 80% dried, shoot the cool air to get even shiny and lovely hair.

The T3 Luxe 2I dryer comes with gentle yet powerful 1875W motors. This produces a large amount of air in a controlled manner to shorten drying time without any risk of hair damage. While the ionic technology locks moisture into every hair instead of just laying on the surface. Along with this, you get 3 heat and 2-speed settings, anyway, the motor is so powerful that you won’t feel the need for a high setting. Overall, the result is smooth, silky, voluminous, and frizz-free hair.

The manufacturer has also included a concentrator and a 2.5″ tourmaline ceramic brush so that you can style your hair the way you want. Additionally, the 9-feet long cord makes things more cheerful. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, straight, or any other type, the T3 Micro blow dryer can cope with it without any issue. Thus, if you want a dryer that gives more than what you pay for, it’s second to none.

5. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

Are you looking for the best ceramic dryer that gives you faster drying and won’t cost a fortune? We have got you covered by adding the BaBylissPRO BAB2000 dryer to our list. The plus point of porcelain ceramic heating material is that the heat distribution is gentle and even. This in turn prevents your hair from damage and gives you blooming and healthy-looking hair.

The ceramic dryer looks decent and the rubberized handle makes it great to hold. Speaking of the handle, you can see the heat and speed setting switches and a cool shot button above them. So, while styling you can easily adjust the speed to your liking. More, regular cleaning improves the efficiency of the dryer, happily, the best hair dryer comes with a removable filter. Remove the filter to clean the dust from the air inlet and you will get optimum performance.

BaBylissPRO BAB2000 shortens the drying time with the powerful 2000W motor. Even if your hair is thick and curly, this power is more than enough. For thin hair, this dryer is equally agreeable with the three heat and two-speed settings. Although the motor is quite powerful, yet the dryer runs quietly and won’t hurt your ears. Besides, most of the dryers in this price range come with 5 feet cord, however, it features an admirable 9 feet long cord.

BAB2000 offers not only a faster drying experience but you will also get a concentrator nozzle with it. It’s a very useful addition for frizz reduction and accelerating the drying of a small portion of your hair. The only thing that will disappoint some users is that the dryer is slightly on the heavy side with 1.5 pounds of weight. Still, a budget price tag, powerful motor, cool shot feature, and quiet operation make it an ideal choice.

6. FHI Heat Platform Nano Weight Pro

FHI Heat Platform Nano Weight Pro

The Platform Nano Weight by FHI is a ceramic tourmaline dryer. It’s one of the lightest and professional dryers currently available on the market. With powerful performance and tourmaline technology, it’s the best hair dryer 2022. Whatever your hair type is, you will find the FHI Heat Platform to your liking because it’s tried and true for all ages and hair types.

The Platform Nano Weight not only looks professional but it’s very comfortable to use as well. With just 0.8 pounds of weight, it can be held over your head without trouble. Also, the super lightweight makes it a great traveling buddy. The switches for adjusting speed and heat are located on the back of the handle while the cool shot button is at the front. Fortunately, you can lock the cool shot button for easy styling without any finger aching.

The FHI Nano Weight Pro sports light, quiet yet powerful motor for the perfect blowout. The negative ions and far-infrared heat do a nice job in frizz reduction and static erasing. With the 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings, customize the dryer according to your hair to get an overall healthy result. On top of that, the 12 feet long cable is another well-thought-out factor for both professional and home users.

What you will really like about this blow dryer are the included accessories. You will see, a concentrator, a diffuser, a straightening comb, and a safe storage bag. With all these and efficient motor, you can get a professional-level hairstyle with ease. Although it will cost you over 100 dollars but keeping all the good things in mind, the FHI Heat Platform is worthy enough to spend on.

7. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

If you have given up on getting a perfect blowout at home due to the super curly hair, you might want to reconsider because the Revlon One-step hair dryer & Volumizer is here. It’s a hair dryer brush that combines the work of brush and blow dryer for a superb blowout in half the time. While other dryers for transforming thick, curly hair into silky smooth layers will cost you an arm and a leg, Revlon One-step will just cost you around $60, isn’t it amazing.

What really makes this hair dryer brush unique is its intelligent design. The oval shape gives room for two different types of brushes working in harmony. Speaking of which, the longer side works as a hair straightening brush whereas the round side lifts hair from the root to create volume as all the round brushes do. Despite combining both a brush and a dryer, it’s just 1.8 pounds of weight. Although using it with one hand is quite convenient but the cool tip at the top allows you to use it with two hands for an even comfortable experience.

Unlike other best hair dryers with multiple heats and speed settings, Revlon’s one-step brush comes with two predefined heat settings. The low setting works well for people with a short hairstyle, at the same time high setting is powerful and satisfactory for users with extremely curly hair. Keep in mind that the brush gets quite hot at a high setting and can damage hair if you use it on short hair.

One other thing that you should know is that overheating can damage hair resulting in frizz. So, it’s always best that you dry your hair at low heat. Also, wet hair is more prone to damage, in order to avoid damage either use a heat protectant or wait for your hair to dry at least 50%. Overall, the Revlon One-step is a great choice and you will certainly love it after the result.

8. Sam Villa Professional Light Dryer

Sam Villa Professional Light Dryer

As the name suggests, Sam Villa light is a professional blow dryer favored by stylists and hairdressers. Manufactured in Italy, it delivers strong airflow and operation is super quiet. Since Sam Villa himself was a hairstylist so he knew better what one needs in this kind of job. Once you use this dryer, you will know better than that Sam Villa has considered everything pretty well.

The curved handle and less than a pound weight make this dryer very comfortable to use. Professional stylists will love it the most because of its light nature. Along with this, the speed and heat setting switches and a cool shot button are positioned on the handle for convenient adjustments. As regular maintenance is necessary for the long life of a dryer, happily you can easily remove the filter for effortless cleaning.

Sam Villa’s professional dryer is equipped with a 1750W motor but with the Turbo Compressor Technology, its performance is comparable with 1850W motors. The result is a solid airflow that gives voluminous, bouncy, and smooth hair without over-drying and damage. Plus, the ceramic, tourmaline heat material and ionic technology give you shiny and static free hair.

The cable is also professional-level, it’s 9-feet long and doesn’t twirl or entangle. Not only this, but the two bonus concentrator nozzles are an additional pleasure. However, if you want a diffuser then you have to buy it separately. Apart from this, the three heat and two-speed settings make Sam Villa one of the best hair dryers 2022 for all hair types and textures.

9. BIO IONIC Goldpro Dryer

BIO IONIC Goldpro Dryer

Founded by a hairstylist, the BioIonic is a trusted brand and creates dryers with all those features that users need. Although there are many professional dryers out there, the one created under the supervision of a hairstylist is truly remarkable. So, the best hair dryer, BIO IONIC Goldpro is one of the quietest blow dryers. It’s not only quieter but light as well and offers a pretty solid airflow.

Weighing just about a pound, it won’t burn your shoulder while using. What makes the use even comfortable is the ergonomic handle and the location of buttons at your fingertips. You can also see the cool shot button at the front of the handle, so you don’t need to read the manual because it’s quite easy to use. In addition, the cable is generous and comes with an attached cord tie for convenient storage.

BIO IONIC Goldpro features a powerful motor with 1875W for faster drying. But what really makes it exceptional is the inclusion of 24k gold with the ceramic. It further results in even heat distribution and gives you healthy and shiny hair without causing damage. Whereas the ionizer helps in maintaining vital moisture and eliminating frizz and static from hair, a regular problem faced by most users.

The Goldpro dryer set comes with two concentrator nozzles. One of which, the narrow one helps in hair straightening and further reducing frizz. Overall, the best blow dryer for natural hair does an outstanding job in drying your hair and adding to your look. Hence, if you are looking for a new dryer that easily fits your budget and gives a professional hairstyle, you should consider BIO IONIC Goldpro.

10. TREZORO Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

Do you want the best affordable hair dryer? Let’s dive into the Trezoro ionic blow dryer that gives so many features without burning a hole in your pocket. The build material is ceramic and uses ionic technology to dry your hair. There are many ionic dryers available at the market but dryers that preserve moisture and keep your hair healthy and smooth at this price range are quite rare.

Not only the features but the design is also praiseworthy. Talking about the design, the anti-slip handle and balanced body make Trezoro blow dryer truly user-friendly. More, the handle features speed and heat setting switches for adjustment as well as a separate cool shot button. If you are concerned about maintaining, don’t because the detachable filter allows you easy cleaning.

The best part of this dryer is the professional, 2200W DC motor. It’s powerful, dries your hair faster and you also get multiple air and heat options. With the 3 heat and 2-speed settings, you get the specific amount of heat and air your hair needs. Along with this, the ionizer delivers over 16 million ions per cubic centimeter that even cuts down the drying time.

The Trezoro ionic dryer includes two concentrator nozzles in the box. As unrestrained hair leads to damage, these nozzles direct the hot air precisely where you want it and in return save your hair from being damaged. Furthermore, the cord is long and the dryer features a hang loop for easy storage. Thus, users looking for a gentle and versatile dryer at an affordable price will find Trezoro professional dryer to their liking.

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How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer? Buyer’s Guide

We have already told you about the different types of blow dryers and their use for specific hair types. In this section, we will give you some other buying tips that you need to consider before making the final decision. Because you can only improve your hair health if you spend on the right tool.

Look for a Hair Dryer With 1500W or More

The wattage of a blow dryer measures how fast it can dry your hair. The higher wattage a dryer offers, the faster its motor works and hence cut down the drying time. Whereas hair dyers with low wattage are generally affordable but they take more time, also they aren’t long-lasting. So, if you want the best hair dryer for home, it should have a wattage of at least 1500. But if your hair is very thick then you should look for a dryer with 1800-2000 wattage. This power is similar to the dryers used by stylists in salons and thus you can get salon-level style at home.

Select a Lightweight Dryer

Many users ignore this factor but it’s necessary that you take into account the weight of your new blow dryer. This will give you a convenient blowout and your arm won’t get tired while drying your thick and difficult-to-dry hair. Overall, you should go for a dryer with 1 pound in weight. Plus, if you are looking for the best travel hair dryer then your device should be even portable for a cheerful experience on the go.

Search for Multiple Heat Setting

Along with a powerful motor and lightweight, make sure that your blow dryer offers different heat levels. In this way, you can use the exact amount of heat your hair needs for drying. In general, hair dryers come with three heat settings that are low, mid, and high. Depending upon your hair type adjust the heat level accordingly. Bringing this up, a low heat setting is ideal for dry, thin, and fine hair. A medium heat setting is good for normal hair. Whereas for thick and coarse hair, high heat setting works exceptionally well.

Meet the Right Extras

Some of the important extras that are really effective in drying your hair are as follows.

Cool Setting
A hair dryer with a cool setting shoots cool air to reduce frizz and give you shiny, sleek, and smooth hair. When you are almost done with drying your hair, switch from heat to cool setting to seal the cuticle and get an astonishing result.

A diffuser is another useful extra that attaches to the end of the hair dryer and proves very helpful if you have curly hair. It’s detachable so you can remove it when you don’t need to use it. Actually, the diffuser distributes hot air in a large area while keeping the texture intact and without storming your hair everywhere.

Concentrator Nozzle
Just like the diffuser, it also attaches to the end of your dryer. The concentrator nozzle shoots air in a concentrated stream which is very handy in straightening your hair and cutting out frizz. While using it, make sure that it’s pointed downward and does not come into contact with your hair. Also, run a brush through your hair and follow the path of the brush for a superior result.

Comb or Pik Attachment
Similar to the above two attachments, a comb or pik tool claps to the end of hair dryer. If you have thick and curly hair and want to create smooth locks, then your blow dryer should have this attachment.

All the necessary details about the best hair dryers are available on this page. Whatever your hair type is, you can find the right blow dryer on our list. Our job is done, now it’s your turn to choose a suitable dryer keeping your needs and budget in mind. More, keep visiting so that you don’t miss the upcoming blow dryers. Also, we welcome your suggestions or if you have any reservations, please do ask in the comment section.

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